Weldcraft visits Arc-Zone HQ to show off new products

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As I mentioned in my last blog, we had the pleasure of seeing our good buddies, Weldcraft Regional Sales Manager Joshua Sprinkle, and Weldcraft National Sales Manager Greg Mayer in the office last week.  We’ve worked with Josh for years, and he always treats us right.  Proving he knows the quickest way to a welder’s heart, he showed up with a huge lunch spread from Claim Jumper for the entire office.  He also brought some exciting stuff that Weldcraft has been working on.  Here’s an interview with Josh with more details:


What is the purpose of your visit to Arc-Zone?

To show the crew at Arc-Zone some new products, including a new Super Cool™ Technology water-cooled TIG torch called the WP-280, changes in the color coding of our tungsten electrodes, and some new additions to our line of tungsten electrodes.


What is different about the new WP-280 torch?

The new torch has features that improve its durability, comfort, and safety.  First, it has Super Cool Technology, which will help the head run cooler for longer torch life and greater operator comfort.  Second, the torch features an upgraded handle designed with a new locking system and more ergonomic design for greater operator comfort.  Finally, an improved cable cover design improves safety while also providing easier access for repairs.

Click here for the WP-280 Spec Sheet.


When will this new torch be available?

The torch is currently available in the Arc-Zone.com store.

What makes Weldcraft different from its competitors?

Weldcraft is different due to the quality of the materials and thoroughness of the research & development that goes into the products that we sell.  It takes us a while to develop and debut new products, but when we do, the new products have been thoroughly tested and we know they meet the standards that our customers expect.


Without giving away any secrets, what are some future innovations coming down the pike from Weldcraft?

I can’t give away too much, but expect more improvements on the best TIG welding accessories on the market.


Anything else you want to tell Arc-Zone customers?

Buy more Weldcraft (laughs).  To be serious, we appreciate the partnership we have with Arc-Zone, because Arc-Zone is a huge knowledge and product resource for the TIG industry.


Note from Joe Welder: We’ll have more very soon about changes to the color-coding of Weldcraft tungsten, but for now, click here for a guide to the changes.



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