Welding with M&Ms

A lot of folks ask about the M&Ms we include with every order.  Some even ask us to toss in an extra bag for a co-worker.  Our customers like getting the M&Ms, but still, they ask why M&Ms?

When I started Arc-Zone.com in 1998,  the internet and the idea of ecommerce was new.  Folks were hesitant to do business online and with people they never met…    I had a pretty small marketing budget and some big ideas, so including M&Ms in each order was a way to personalize our customer’s shopping experience and say “thank you” for the order.

Our core belief is that our customers deserve the best technical support and top quality, performance proven welding accessories in the marketplace.   But we also believe that work can be fun…   and M&Ms are fun!


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    I love the M&M’s.. When my first order came in and I saw the M&M’s I was sold on you guys..


    m. humphreys

    I am always more excited to get my m&m’s than my supplies. thanks, matt



    i don’t like the brown MnMs because I’m always dissappointed they are not the yellow peanut ones.

    I thought you were going to say something practical about needing steady hands to weld and having a handy dose of water and sugar nearby.

    Hmm… a link to an ad?


    Chan Casey

    Aha, so that was what the plastic bag was on the floor. Now which of the 5 dogs or 3 workers got my M & M’s? I gotta place another order so I can use my spy cam and find the culprit. Hey, I wish all my parts came with M & M’s… great idea!


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