ESAB Introduces First Smart Phone Application for Welding

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In yet another sign that today’s cell phones are progressing faster than anyone thought was possible, ESAB announced today that they have created the world’s first smart phone application aimed exclusively at welding.  The app itself  is supposed to help users find the right parameters for a specific job.  I downloaded one to my Android phone, and it is a pretty cool app!  Good to see ESAB get welding in on the smart phone application craze.  


ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced the first-ever Smart Phone application for welding. Available for use with iPhone, Blackberry®, and Android™ devices, the ESAB Welding Parameters Set-up Guide is a user-friendly application that helps welders quickly identify the correct parameters for a specific job. The user simply enters the metal to be welded and the filler metals, and the application determines the appropriate settings for the welding machine.

The free application can be downloaded at

You can read the rest of this press release over at ESAB –>

And don’t worry, is fully accessible on any Blackberry, Android, or iPhone.  Our live chat option is even accessible by your smart phone!  So for any welding products on the go, oxy-fuel torches and parts, or MiG guns and parts, or Plasma Arc Welding torches and parts, head on over to Arc-Zone, and we’ll get you dialed in and ready to weld.


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