Weld with a Cool Head


It happens every year, heat wave after heat wave hitting nearly every region in the country at some point. At this writing heat warnings have been issued for the central U.S. and with another month (at least!) left of summer, no doubt more are on the way.

One new weapon in the welder’s arsenal against heat fatigue is Miller’s new Arc Armor™ Heat Stress Protection products:  The CoolBand™ and the CoolBelt™.

The CoolBand™ is an integrated system that works with most Miller Arc Armor helmets to reduce under-the-hood temperature by up to 8 degrees (Farenheit).  You’ll get up to six hours of continuous cooling from one battery charge!

“Improved productivity, work quality and overall well-being of the employees are all benefits our customers are realizing through the utilization of these products by their welders.”  -Bill Gardner, product manager, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

For an even more robust solution to heat stress, check out the CoolBelt™ system. The lightweight, belt mounting system can lower temperatures under the hood up to 17 degrees!  The CoolBelt offers multiple air speeds and directional air controls to keep air moving over the users face and head.

Especially when working in the field, it may be impossible to avoid the heat, so if you do work in extreme heat environments, consider an investment in your health with these great products from Miller.

Also, be sure to check out  the Centers for Disease Control’s tips for maintaining personal safety in the heat, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Guide to Protecting Workers from the Effects of Heat (.pdf) and the OSHA Fact Sheet on Working Outdoors in Warm Climates (.pdf).  And always keep your cool!

And for even more information, check out the Heat Stress Webinar hosted by the folks over at Miller–  an hour long discussion with Product Manager Bill Gardner and industrial hygiene and safety experts.  You can register and listen for free.


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