Do You Weld Red or Green?

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I know, the question in the world of welding is usually Red or Blue?  but I couldn’t resist…  and if you can tell me the state where “Red or Green?” is the OFFICIAL state questions, we’ll send you a surprise gift from

Lincoln Electric is actively  engaged in initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and products.

From reduced emissions for diesel-driven engine welders — that have met the enhanced 2011 EPA standards since Fall of 2008, to energy efficient inverter technology and the use of non-bleached, biodegradable packaging…  Lincoln is not just RED, but GREEN as well! You can get all the details about Lincoln’s Green Initiative online->

And speaking of Green initiatives, we don’t have an official program, but at we’re pretty conscious of our environmental impact…

We did this video a while ago, but it’s pretty fun to watch, so check it out:


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