TIG Welding a bit of history

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Finally catching up on my newsletter reading and came across this awesome article from Lincoln…

Two years ago, Ridler Award winner (and from the looks of this car, a master fabricator) Dan Webb set out to honor this iconic creation by building a low-sloping hotrod variation of the original, the iconic 1917 Golden Submarine Racecar.

The project, powered by Lincoln, is showcased over on the Lincoln website… check it out–>

And if you’re looking to create the kind of TIG welds Webb did, check out Arc-Zone.com’s line up of  TIG Torches. We feature  CK Worldwide and Weldcraft, two fine manufacturers of TIG Torches and replacement parts.

And, did you know Arc-Zone.com  now has CK TIG Torch replacement parts online?  You’ll find the replacement parts listed along side the torches we offer.


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