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This looks like an awesome opportunity to learn– if you’re in Minnesota!


Anoka Technical College establishes one of North America’s largest sheet metal training facilities

by Brian Johnson Staff Writer

Anoka Technical College is heavily into metal.

Walking through the cavernous new sheet metal training facility at the school, a visitor can see row after row of machines and gadgets used for bending and shaping metal into everything from auto parts to picture frames.

In another room, students move images around on a computer screen in an effort to create the perfect design for their sheet metal fabrication project.

It’s all part of Anoka Tech’s plan to establish itself as the region’s go-to place for training in precision sheet metal fabrication. The college describes the training center — paid for mostly by private donations — as the “only facility of its kind in Minnesota and one of the largest in North America.”

It’s heady stuff for Nick Graff, the school’s manager of Business Education and Solutions, who talks excitedly about the opportunities that such training affords. It’s almost reminiscent of that famous scene from “The Graduate,” except that the operative word in this case is “metal,” not “plastics.”

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