Defying Gravity

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Gravity.  It’s simply a fact of life; we can’t change it.  But we may be able to work around it.

Gravity Can Make Welding More Expensive, Learn How to Lower Your Welding Costs

12/28/2009 9:46:00 AM – Article #2909

By Mechanizing the Weld System Using the Proper Positioning Equipment and Multi Wire Welding, Expect a 60 Lb. Weld Deposition per Hour

912289488Gravity makes welding more expensive, it’s a fact.

That is why downhand welding will cost less than vertical or overhead welding.

It’s all about deposition rates.

When welding in the vertical or overhead position, the higher your metal deposition rate, the more likely the weld metal is to sag and run out of the joint.

To combat these problems try using a pulsed power source that produces less heat, or use current and voltage settings that reduce the burn-off rate or use smaller diameter electrodes with good out of position characteristics.



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