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You’re Hired! 5 More Hot Jobs In Infrastructure
Posted on Wednesday September 30th by Sindhu Sundar
A few months ago, when the financial markets were still in freefall, we looked at ten infrastructure-related jobs with bright prospects. As we noted at the time, the global infrastructure sector is poised to see $35 trillion in spending over the next two decades. That’s a lot of paychecks. Moreover, the jobs in question tend to be the sort that can’t be outsourced to, say, a sweatshop in Saipan. Most infrastructure work is domestic by nature, after all. And these jobs also tend to be tied to real-world technical skills–unlike many that were lost when America’s bubble economy deflated last year.
So if you’re thinking about a back-up career path to your current gig as a lawyer or stockbroker or reality tv celebrity, you might want to give these options some thought:

At the, there is a list of the five hottest jobs in infrastructure right now.  Guess what’s number one.  No, really – guess.  Stop looking down!  No cheating!

Alright, fine.  You saw – it’s a Robotic Arc Welding Technician, and not only are they in high demand, but they make a decent amount of money, considering that it only takes a mere two years to get certified!


What they do: Arc welding is a common technique of fusing metals, and robotic arc welding–as the name suggests–is this process as preformed by robots.

robot-welder-300x280Automation ensures a higher quality of the weld –up to 50% better – and increases productivity by up to 3 times.

Who maintains these armies of welding robots? A robotic arc welding technician, of course. As Jeff Noruk, president of industry firm Servo Robot puts it, “Robots are like babies. They need care every single day.”

Why it’s hot: As a recent New York Times article points out (, welders are much in demand these days. That demand is especially acute for certified robotic arc welding technicians:

Noruk estimates that while there are several hundred thousand arc welding robots, there are only 30 certified arc welding technicians in the country, with most welding robots presently being supervised by general electricians or engineers.



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