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Want some free Miller welding equipment???

This month, Miller Electric is giving away over $2,000 worth of welding supplies to one lucky grand prize winner!

To enter for a chance to win, just sign up for one of Miller’s eNewsletters to keep in touch with industry news and the latest how-to advice!

Complete Grand Prize Package:


1 comment on “Connect with Miller and Win!

  1. Thank you Miller for the Opportunity to participate and enter in your drawing..
    April 30th of this year we lost all of our Shop, Barns, and House. I lost and will be replacing Miller Equipment and Welding Tools and Products as well as Many Treasured Publications and Books.
    The Walls where my Miller Banners were displayed were also destroyed and I will be replacing these items.
    I have been a Welder in the Aerospace Industry for the last 42 years welding many types of metals that keep you flying in the air. I also have a Ranch Operation and Custom Welding for Self, Family, Friends, and The Opportunity to work on many types of equipment and trucks for anyone needing my services.
    MILLER has always provided and been the best Products. I am looking forward to the completion of My New Shop and replacing my much Cherished Miller Products.
    Mike Mitchell

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