Welders in Need at Shipyards

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“The economy is down… Jobs are in danger…”

It seems like we hear some version of these two phrases every day of the week.  However, it seems like the welding industry lives in a world apart because, there are still jobs out there.  In fact, there are more jobs than there are welders.

Program Trains Welders For Shipyards

Welding Instructor: No Experience Required For Students

PORTLAND, Ore. — A local program is training a new generation of welders for Portland’s shipyards.

As part of the program, students first learn their skills at Portland Community College and the Swan Island Training Center. Vigor Marine, a ship-building company, hires the best and gives them on-the-job training and experience.

“You’re going to be trained to do everything: rigging, fitting, grinding,” said Mike Rasmussen, a welding instructor. “This program offers students to come in with no experience, knowing nothing about this trade.”



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