Temcor Offers Welding Classes

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07.17_leland_sanders_1Savannah Tech has launched welding classes at Temcor, making the classes more accessible to Effingham residents by sparing them to long drive to Savannah. This new program stimulates economic recovery by giving Effington residents opportunities to fill thousands of welding job openings, including high paying positions. An article in the 2006 Wall Street Journal stated that there will be 100,000 unfilled welding jobs by 2010. Although robots have helped, they have not replaced the human touch of a skilled welder.

Welding a future together

Temcor providing space for STC’s Effingham welding classes

By Patrick Donahue

As the auto plants in Michigan began to shut down, Mary Ellington knew she needed to learn how to do something else.

Now a machinist at Temcor in Rincon, she’s also learning how to be a welder through Savannah Technical College — without having to leave her current place of employment.

“I decided to take a welding class when I found out it was offered out here to Effingham to expand my career and goals here at Temcor,” she said. “If it wasn’t for Savannah Tech being in Effingham, I probably wouldn’t be doing the welding course, because that’s a long drive.”



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