What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You

You’ve always been told that fire and water don’t mix. But what they didn’t tell you is that it can also produce a great weld. Diver welders dance with danger as they weld as deep as 10,000 feet underwater. Some jobs even require diver welders to go to extreme depths and stay in those environments for several days. Excellent precision and concentration are a must as distractions are abundant, from inquisitive sea creatures to strong ocean currents. Using cutting edge technology, underwater welding can produce excellent welds even with those seemingly adverse conditions.


One thought on “What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You

  1. Edward Brakmanis

    Saturation dives are to 1000 FSW (Feet Saltwater). Few saturation divers have gone past that depth. 10,000 FSW is not the correct depth in the above article. Every 33 feet of saltwater depth is equivalent to one atmosphere.

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