Welding the Nouveau Trojan Horse

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James Oleson is an amazing metal artist. One of his recent projects just happens to be a 37 foot tall statue of a horse; he’s shooting for the title of “tallest freestanding steel horse sculpture ever created”.  I hope he wins…

And check outhis other metallic creations at his website.  Or, for more information about this innovative artist, you can read this article:

Riverview Artist Welds Castoffs Into Career


RIVERVIEW – There is nothing particularly attractive about artist James Oleson’s medium.

His studio is little more than an open shed surrounded by wood fencing, tucked behind Winthrop Town Centre off Bloomingdale Avenue in Riverview. Piled haphazardly around the shed are worn lawn mower blades, greasy machinery gears, discarded steel doors, beat-up car door panels and other junkyard finds he’s found worth salvaging.

The cast-offs once destined for landfills inspire Oleson’s works of art. From ugliness Oleson creates beauty. From near-worthless bits of debris Oleson creates sculptures that command thousands of dollars and are displayed across the country.


If you or anyone one you know aspires to be an innovative welder in this, or any other field, please contact us.  We would love to feature you on our blog.


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