Convicts Get a Second Chance

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I am so impressed with what these guys are doing in North Carolina.  It’s not every day that a company  is willing to reach out and hire someone who’s been in, or is in, prison.  But Rickey McCoy and Danny Conaway are doing just that with their metal fabrication business, and it’s fulfilling for them and their employees in ways that none of them could have ever imagined.

 NW Greensboro firm helps employees build new lives
Rickey McCoy (left) and Danny Conaway have built a successful business employing people most companies are afraid to hire.
by Alicia Cosgrove

­­NW GUILFORD COUNTY – In March 2003, Rickey McCoy and Summerfield resident Danny Conaway started their metal fabrication business with a handful of portable tools, two office chairs and a cell phone.

They really didn’t have much choice. They had been talking about starting their own business but were only in the planning stages when their employer found out and fired them both.

Money was tight, and the pressure was high; both men had to put their homes on the line to finance their endeavor. It took a healthy dose of determination to make the business, and their lives, work during that first year.

Then they found a way to help build their business by reaching out to other men who also were determined to make their lives work: convicts who had learned from their mistakes and wanted to change their lives.



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