Teen Race Car Driver Inspires Technical Students

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brennan-palmiter-meetingThe desperate need for new additions to the welding workforce resonates throughout our posts. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see someone, especially so young, making a difference. Seventeen year old Brennan Palmiter, a  race car driver and FMA‘s young spokesperson, toured seven Minneapolis technical schools, motivating his peers to pursue careers in metal fabrication. I hope to see more young people stepping up to do this in the future.

Teen race car driver promotes manufacturing careers

17-year-old Brennan Palmiter motivates youth to follow their passion
By Traci Tapani, Contributing Writer

Need help motivating young people in your area to train for manufacturing careers? Want to get them fired up about pursuing their passions? Seven Minneapolis technical schools turned to race car driver Brennan Palmiter to help them accomplish these missions. They are glad they did.

When Brennan Palmiter started racing go-carts at age seven, no one knew it was the beginning of an obsession. When he moved up to stock cars at 13, he discovered his obsession was expensive: fender-benders meant repairs. So he learned welding.

That skill won him the attention and eventual sponsorship of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Intl. (FMA), and its award-winning magazine Practical Welding Today®.



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