Welding Is A Recession-Proof Skill

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Welding is a recession-proof skill that students should be learning. Energy Solutions Group (ESG), a Tennesse welding school, is even offering free advanced welding training to boost the number of young welders in the field. ESG says the manufacturing industry is making a comeback, with an increasingly high job demand and great salaries. There are many doors of career opportunity opening and, if you are a student, this is definitely a professional path worth exploring.

New Welding School Offers Free Training

Callie Starnes
Eyewitness News Reporter

Lee Broome
Eyewitness News Photojournalist

CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Jack Lewis is soon to be a second generation welder. Laid off and looking for work, Lewis says welding school seemed like his best option.

“I figured you can’t lay off welders,” said Lewis.

Lucky for Lewis, there’s a new training center in town where his education comes free of charge. Energy Solutions Group is fronting the bill, training 30 students at a time in advanced welding skills. ESG says the manufacturing industry is making a come back.

“Most of our welders are baby boomers,” said ESG Vice President Harley Grant. “They are vacating the arena over the next 10 to 15 years and we have not replaced them.”

Companies like Volkswagen, Alstom and other supplier groups across the Tennessee Valley all require welding skills, and state leaders are interested in keeping local workers in local jobs.

“If we’ve got the workers, and they are trained, then companies are going to invest in Tennessee,” said Congressman Zach Wamp. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Becoming a hub for a new wave of manufacturing is the goal, and in these tough economic times, a recession-proof skill sounds like a steal to students like Jack Lewis.

“You are always going to need welders,” said Lewis. “That’s all there is to it.”


What’s been your experience? Is welding recession proof? For those of you who’ve been in the industry a while, what tips can you offer young welders just now entering the field?


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