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Being an artist and occasional sculptor, I can’t help but spotlight some of the creative minds in the diverse field of welding.The following is a glimpse into the electrifying work of one such genius.

Welding artist Brain Wedgworth works his magic in his downtown studio, working on as many as 15 pieces at a time! His latest show, Around & Back Again, was a refreshing blend of modern nostalgia that opened in a gallery in Brownsville, TX.

Welding artist: Brian Wedgworth

Brian Wedgworth compares his artistic process to a dance.

He moves about his studio in downtown Harlingen working on as many as 15 pieces at a time. Whenever he gets to a stopping point or a need to pause on a particular work, he moves on rather than get bogged down.

“It’s a delicate dance,” Wedgworth said. “They kind of simultaneously come together … I already have the ideas in mind but the work just flows better.”

The latest one-man show for the 34-year-old artist, Around & Back Again, opens with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. today at Galeria 409 in Brownsville.

“My show is called Around & Back Again because I’m revisiting old ideas, things that have been around the shop for a while, that got pushed aside,” he said. “I’m bringing them back to the forefront.”



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