From Everest’s Slopes to Cleveland’s Shores

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You know you’ve made it big when there’s an article on Wikipedia written about you.  Well, even if it’s just one sentence.  Luckily, Lincoln Electric has written a much more detailed article on his behalf.  Why?  Well, because the youngest American ever to climb the tallest summit in the world has just decided to become a welder.  And that makes welders everywhere very proud.

Youngest American to Summit Mt. Everest Turns to Career in Welding

Jess Roskelley was two years into a recreational management degree from the University of Montana when he received a call from his father inviting him to climb Mt. Everest. An avid climber his whole life, Jess knew this was an opportunity he could not pass up.

He would become the youngest American to summit the 29,000-foot peak, and be part of the only father-son team to summit the north face. His father, a professional climber of 40 years, made a career out of climbing through photojournalism for publications like National Geographic. Having ascended the 14,400-foot Mt. Rainier some 35 times as a guide, Jess was well prepared to team up with his dad.

On May 21, 2003, after two and a half months high in the Himalayas, Jess and John Roskelley reached the peak of Mt. Everest. Returning home to Spokane, Jess knew he needed a job which allowed him time to pursue his passion for climbing as well as his other outdoor hobbies—snowboarding and surfing.

After a series of construction and demolition jobs, Jess moved to Alaska to be near North America’s highest mountain range. He took a job as an apprentice mechanic with an oil services company, Little Red Services.

Jess soon learned that the rapidly growing company needed more certified welders to repair high-pressure pipes on its service trucks, and he volunteered for training.   He researched training options worldwide and chose the Lincoln Electric Welding School in Cleveland, Ohio.



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