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Mariah Power is the greenest company I’ve heard of in a long time.  They’ve got the three R’s down to a science.  For one, they’ve set up shop in what once used to be a auto parts manufacturing plant, modified to fit their needs.  Their employees?  Workers from the previous plant.  Their product? Windspire vertical-axis wind turbines, which will “recycle” wind on a small scale to provide power for homes and businesses.

Edited by: MHM Staff
MANISTEE, Mich.—Mariah Power, a wind technology company, just opened its first high-volume manufacturing site in Manistee in partnership with MasTech Manufacturing’s material handling specialists. 

The new facility, a retrofitted auto parts manufacturing plant, will produce Windspire vertical-axis wind turbines. Mariah Power will employ former automotive workers who have experience working with steel, assembly lines and robotics.

The plant will produce 100 Windspire turbines per month, and executives foresee that number growing to 1,000. Steel and aluminum required to make the turbines will be supplied to the 30,000-square foot facility by companies located in Michigan.

The Windspire is Mariah Power’s first official product line. It is a small-scale, vertical-axis wind turbine that can power homes or businesses. Standing 30 feet tall, Windspire features a “plug ‘n produce” design and connects directly to the power supply of a building. 


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