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The big news in laser welding means big saving for your wallets.  Linde North America has just introduced two alternatives to the regular pure helium shielding gas.  Their new LASGON® H gases are a combination of argon, helium, and hydrogen designed expressly for CO2 and solid state lasers when welding stainless steel.

Linde North America introduces shielding gas mixtures

[ 23 Mar 2009, Katie Hill, gasworld.com ]

Thanks to Linde, fabricators looking for alternatives to using pure helium as a shielding gas in high power laser welding now have more options.

Linde North America, part of The Linde Group, has introduced two new, LASGON® H shielding gas mixtures that lower operating costs and increase welding speed and product quality.

The new mixtures combine helium, hydrogen and argon in special formulations for laser welding of stainless steel with CO2 and solid state lasers.

“Higher helium prices and tighter supplies have led fabricators to seek out less expensive shielding gas mixtures that enable them to maintain high product quality,” said Joe Berkmanns, Manufacturing Segment Manager, Linde North America.

“Linde’s LASGON® H product line lowers fabricators’ operating costs, while enabling them to boost productivity through higher welding speeds. What’s more, the LASGON® gas mixtures create less oxide buildup than pure noble gases, resulting in a clean, shiny weld surface. It’s truly a win-win product for the laser welder.”



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