The Consumption of Consumables

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It was strange to me to learn that in the welding industry many replacement parts are referred to as “consumables” even though in fact they wear out, they are not consumed like shield gas, filler metal or a tungsten electrode….

Lincoln Electric Offers New Pipeliner® Consumables Product Catalog

This comprehensive catalog highlights everything customers need to know about Pipeliner products, including key advantages, typical applications and recommended welding procedures and positions. It also includes test results for each product’s deposit chemistry and mechanical properties.

11.08ClevelandLincoln Electric has introduced a new Pipeliner® consumables product catalog. This free catalog features the manufacturer’s complete portfolio of Pipeliner stick, solid MIG and flux-cored consumables, which are specifically designed for a wide range of pipeline applications, including root, fill and cap passes on API grade X60 through X100 pipe.

The catalog showcases Lincoln Electric’s variety of Pipeliner consumables that deliver unmatched performance characteristics, quality, consistency and reliability. It includes more than 15 cellulosic and low hydrogen vertical up and vertical down stick electrodes, solid MIG wire, and self-shielded and gas-shielded flux-cored wires.



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