Resources Regarding Robots and… Ventilation?

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Confused?  Bothered?  Bewildered?

These words may not just be strangely reminiscent of a certain song from the 1940 Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey.  Instead, they may also be descriptive of your mental state concerning a few welding procedures.

If you are in fact, “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered” by either of the following:

Welding Fume Control

Automation System Selection

You’re in luck, for Lincoln Electric, as usual, has just the answer for you.  They have released two different handy-dandy reference guides for your perusal about each of these topics and both can be purchased online at or by calling (888) 355-3213.

Happy learning!

Welding Fume Control FAQ booklet
Automation System Selection Guide

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