“It isn’t broken until we say it’s broken”

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Any Cutting and Welding based out of Portage, Michigan has done its share of odd jobs.  They have built and/or repaired deep-fryer cooking baskets, snowplows, a chimney flue, demolition derby cars, a cow-catcher, a wood-burning stove, and a 1880 metal flag holder and gravesite marker. 

Why?  Because they can.  And often, because nobody else will do it.

Portage welding shop thrives on willingness to go anywhere, do anything

by Al Jones | Kalamazoo Gazette
Saturday March 14, 2009, 8:30 AM
John A. Lacko | Special to the Gazette

Assemblies that support the 10-foot-wide by 16-inch-high “belly” blades on the city of Portage’s 16 snowplows wear down and ultimately become unusable when drivers bang the blades too often on curbs.

Either of the two mechanics in the city’s Department of Streets and Equipment can fix them. But bending metal and welding can be time-consuming and it takes away from lots of other work the mechanics need to do. So the city gets Terry Meisling to do it.

“He’s the metal magic guy,” says Raymond Waurio, deputy director of the Department of Streets and Equipment for the city of Portage. “He just does a fantastic job.”



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