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If you conveniently happen to be searching for the ultimate portable welder/generator combination, look no further.  Lincoln Electric has the answer to every one of those needs all wrapped up in this one versatile machine.

Lincoln Electric Introduces the New Outback® 185 Engine-Driven Welder for On-site Welding Applications
Portable unit ideal for jobsites and rugged outdoor welding applications
• Low-Lift™ grab bars for easy transport
• Portable 185 amp DC stick capabilities and 5,700 watt peak AC generator power
• Largest in its class with a 6.8-gallon fuel tank for extended run time
• Easy-access front panel controls

Cleveland – Lincoln Electric introduces the new Outback® 185 engine-driven welder, specifically designed for portability as the ultimate DC stick welder and AC power generator.

Ideal for service truck operators, maintenance crews, farmers, ranchers and contractors, the unit’s Low-Lift™ grab bars provide move leverage for lifting the unit on and off truck beds. The Outback 185’s engine control panels are accessible from the front, allowing users to start up, turn off and adjust output on truck-mounted units. These features and the Outback 185’s 6.8-gallon fuel tank make it the ultimate portable welder/generator option.



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