Posted By Joe Welder
Welding with Donald Trump

How many of you watched last night’s Celebrity Apprentice– featuring the metal fab industry’s own Jesse James as a strong contender?

You can bet that none of the tasks will involve welding (too much to learn for a short week long business challenge). But if you want to voice your opinion on how well Jesse will do over all (we think he can go all the way), then take the poll at here at and tell us what YOU think. AND if you leave a comment, you’ll be registered to win one of the hot Roxy Posters (or a sleek One Torch No Limits Poster) from


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    I have not watched the show, but I have seen some of Jesse’s other tv shows and he seems pretty grounded to me, so I’d say he’ll last a while, but I can’t see him making it all the way. I will be rooting for him now though, because as a Long Beach native, it’s kind of required.


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