Weld Like Jesse James

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Look for Jesse James on the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice! That’s right The Welder from Long Beach California is going to be on the show. Check out this preview:

It is true what he is saying: not everyone has the skills to be an engineer, and not everybody needs to (or wants to) go to college. But kids do need the educational opportunities to help them succeed with good job skills. Many kids have the ability to build things from metal that require thinking, planning, measuring, testing etc. Metal fabrication involves hands on learning of metallurgy, electricity, and geometry to name just a few.

I bought my first TIG welder when I was 19 and immediately started building accessories for motorcycles and cars out of my parents garage. It wasn’t long before the big guys began to ask if I could do work for them. I was shocked and had no idea how – or – what to charge them!

Welders– especially if you’re good– can make really good coin. And if you specialize in welding titanium, or pipe welding you can really do well for yourself.


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