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This post may be especially important for you if you happen to live in Alabama, specifically, in Pike County, AL, and hopefully, near Troy.  If so, I am envious.  DNW United Services Group is headquartered there and they are the multi-taskers extraordinaire when it comes to any kind of help you need, whether it be with your computer, gutters, air conditioning, or just shipping packages.  They boast expertise in each of these areas and more.  Take a look.

DNW Opens Second Location

After more than a year and a half in business, DNW United Services Group, LLC has expanded to two locations.

The company, which offers a wide variety of services, including IT services, concrete construction, transportation, property management, janitorial services, heating and cooling services and sheet metal fabrication, has opened its administrative, trucking and tin shop location on Elm Street right past Swindall Road.



Diversification COULD mean the difference between making it through these economic times or not. How diversified is your business?


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