Scrap Metal an Important Source of Income for Some

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Low on cash?

Something you may not have thought of: selling scrap metal. In the 40’s, it was a requirement, in the 2000’s, it became cool, and now, it just might be a necessity.

NBSJ: More people selling scrap metal to make ends meet

A dealer in scrap metal says more people are turning to recycling, some out of desperation. Metal recycling has been encouraged in recent years as a “green” initiative.  Recycling saves energy – 95 percent for aluminum, 85 percent for copper, and 74 percent for iron scrap – over using virgin ore and saves landfill space and greenhouse emissions.  But it has been around much longer because it makes good business sense: Scrap metal makes money.

A plaque on the front lobby wall at Goldman Metals on Neuse Boulevard in New Bern honors it as one of the city’s oldest continually operating businesses. It was started by present owner Dale Goldman’s grandfather Max Goldman, and then owned by his father Raymond Goldman. It has been operated as a family business for more than 100 years and in this tight economy finds itself in the business of helping families get by. “I am more determined than ever to do everything within my power to help people through these difficult economic times,” Goldman said.

What are YOU doing to get through this economy?


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