Students Work for Town in Exchange for Grades

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I came across an article today that was published back in my home state of North Carolina, and it immediately sparked my interest.  Growing up in North Carolina teaches you the importance of manners, having a sense of community, and helping out your neighbors whenever possible.  The following article recognizes a group of welding students in Eastern North Carolina and how they used their classroom experience to help transform their community and give new meaning to “Southern Hospitality”!

Welding students gain course credit for town project             Nikie Mayo, Sun Journal, 12/3/2008

RIVER BEND- Sparks flew Wednesday as James Lovick took one of his final exams for Craven Community College.

The sparks were caused by more than Lovick’s concentrating, though he did plenty of that as he welded steps in place on a caboose in River Bend.  CONTINUE READING –>                              


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