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For years– maybe since 1992 when Al Gore “invented” the internet by sponsoring the Information Infrastructure and Technology Act which allowed commercial traffic on the internet– Weldcraft’s website has been pretty much the same.

We’ve heard rumors. There have been rumblings. Whispers in the hallway. I’ll be honest, we made jokes about the old Weldcraft website. But all that has changed…

The NEW Weldcraft WebsiteWeldcraft has launched a new website, and we here at are the first to break the news (pictured right)…. And we’re sharing it with you.

We’re actually very excited to see the direction they are going. For years we’ve been hesitant to direct any of our customers to the Weldcraft website, even though at we proudly sell the Weldcraft line of TIG Torches. The graphics on their new site are nice and clean, the product looks great, and I see a link to a Help Me Choose A TIG Torch page that we’re hoping is a great interactive tool for TIG welders. Perhaps akin to the Miller Electric SmartSelector™.

You can read the official press release here….

Do you think Weldcraft is heading in the right direction? What information would you like to see about TIG Torches that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere?


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