Miller Targets Novice Welders

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Want to pursue welding as a hobby? Want to make some money on the side or start your own fabrication business, but are turned off by the high price tag and complexity of welding machines?

Well the crew over at Miller has just released a great machine that is both inexpensive and easy to use. Our own JoeWelderTM, a.k.a. Jim Watson, says “The Diversion 165 is a great tool for the novice welder.” Jim goes on to say, “I recommend that machine as a starting point; to complete your TIG welding station I would add our New TIG welding safety bundle, a TIG Weld Prep Kit, SharpieTM Series Tungsten Grinder and a AK-2-ProTM Accessory Kit, — with that combination you can achieve high-quality welds on a variety of materials from steel to aluminum, stainless steel and titanium– right out of the box! I would also suggest a copy of Ron Covell’s TIG Welding Basics DVD.” All of these products are available in our industry leading welding accessory webstore.

APPLETON, Wis., Nov. 17, 2008-To encourage personal users in the motorsports market to take on TIG welding projects, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced its Diversion 165, the easiest-to-use, most affordable AC/DC TIG welder ever available. The Diversion 165 features just two controls: one for heat input and one for selecting metal type and has a list price of $1,617. In addition to simplicity and affordability, the Diversion 165’s stable arc and positive arc starts make it easier for beginners to achieve good results. The Diversion 165 weighs 50 lbs. (90 lbs. less than other units), connects to 230 V, 1-phase power using a “dryer-type” 3-pronged plug and only needs a 25-amp circuit breaker to produce it full welding output of 165 amps (150 amps at 20 percent duty cycle).

The Diversion 165 can weld material as thin as 22 gauge and as thick as 3/16-in. in a single pass with its 10- to 165-amp output. Every Diversion 165 box includes a DVD on how to set up, operate and weld with the unit, along with some basic TIG welding tips.


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