Show Me The Metal: From Scrap Heap to Art

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One of the wonderful things about this industry is the amazing things that people do with metal. I ran across Guy McIntyre’s story out there on the internet. My favorite quote from the article is a little further down– in other words you’ll have to click to read the rest of the article, but I’ll share it with you: “I believe if I can’t make it I don’t need it.”

This guy uses any kind of metal he can get his hands on, from the hub of a snowmoblile trailer, to a rusted 55 gallon drum.

Salvaging the scrap heap

By Bea Lewis
CITIZEN.COM, Article Date: Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guy McIntyre of Tilton showcases his welding skills by creating animal sculptures as well as abstract art.

“It takes all my talents as a welder and fabricator to make something like that,” he says as he stands next to a giant blue heron he crafted out of aluminum. The wings are made of diamond plate creating the appearance of feathers.

“I’ve worked on planes, trains, automobiles, ships, bridges and high-story buildings,” he said.

What are you working on? Show Me The Metal™ !


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