TIG Welding Titanium Tubing

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There’s a lot of interest in titanium welding. It’s a very corrosion resistant metal and it looks nice but it has a reputation for being difficult to weld. Titanium is very sensitive to oxygen contamination, so one important factor is maintaining the proper shield gas coverage, and allowing the weld to cool without letting oxygen in. Otherwise the titanium can become brittle.

MOnster Nozzle for TIG Welding

How to weld titanium tubing

At Arc-Zone we recommend using a gas lens and a super large gas nozzle. The gas lens diffuses the flow of gas so that turbulence doesn’t pull oxygen into the weld zone. As for shield cups for TIG Welding, choose from the Gas Saver clear glass nozzles, high-tech flooding cups and the popular (low-cost) Monster™ TIG Nozzle.

And once you’ve got your torch set up, check out this great article over at The Tube & Pipe Journal online:

TIG for titanium tubing: Success hinges on filler metal selection, cleanness, gas coverage
By Jack Fulcer

Jack covers the the basics, including cleaning the base metal, joint fit-up, shield gas coverage, filler metal selection, choosing the right TIG Torch, and even color acceptance criteria for the welded titanium.


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