Ahoy Mateys, It’s Weld Like a Pirate Day

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Arrr. I think I got me days mixed up. Or me blogs. Over on me beauty’s blog, Carmen Electrode, they’re postin’ about a welding wench that helped build a pirate ship. And today is Talk Like A Pirate Day, so ye can see how it might be confusin’.

Now afore ye get all mad and shiver yer timbers, or swash yer buckles, I’ll be shore to let ye in on a few litttle tips on how a pirate would weld.

With all those sparrrrrrrks flyin’… a pirate would choose MIG.
Pirate Scurvy Scott says ye don’t need a helmet, “just slide yer patch over yer good eye when the sparks start flyin’… or better yet, train yer parrot to do it for ye.”
But arrrrrr own Captain Joe Welder The Terrible says ye should buy the special, limited edition pirate welding helmet at Arc-Zone.com.


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