MIG/GMAW Pipe Welding Techniques

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Our marketing guru just shot me a link to the new Miller video — Advances in MIG/GMAW Pipe Welding Techniques (and five other videos) for me to review and comment.

Miller says “You can take your pipe welding to a whole new level, and discover advances in MIG/GMAW pipe welding along with the benefits of the patented RMD Pro™ and Pro-Pulse™ weld processes”.

Pipe welding is very technical and the process is “growing” as we ramp up more refining of various fuels, chemicals, gases and water! I didn’t see anything new here, and they are definitely pushing their new power supply features as the way to improve your pipe welding. A couple of things did catch my eye — on one of the videos they used a very basic technique for measuring the root gap — using 1/8″ welding wire. I would strongly suggest if you are engaged in fabricating pipe you need to invest in some high-quality pipe clamps. That way you can set the gap, align the pipe and lock it into position ensuring a consistent weld every time.

Another thing of interest was the New Bernard Centerfire MIG gun parts. Now that is a real innovation and I can’t wait till we start selling those parts in our new MIG gun parts section under development. It’s nice to see a well designed and very useful product featured in the video!

I think the videos are helpful and gives fabricators a good look at what it takes to do quality pipe welding, the only question I have is, is this the only technology, or do Lincoln, ESAB, Thermal Arc and other welding power supply manufacturers have a similar process? Let me know what your experience is with some of the machines listed, and if you know of others — let us know so we can get that info out in the workplace!


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