Joe Welder and Ron Covell

We’ve just added the Ron Covell How To DVDs to our line up. Ron is one of the premier metal fabricators in the custom automotive industry. Add a Ron Covell DVD to your order and Weld Like A Pro™

On my list of things I must do is attend one of his advanced metal working classes, but for now we have his DVD’s!
Ron Covell Welding DVDs
I watched the TIG welding Basics and was impressed with the quality of the video, and the content — nothing flashy but good useful information. And my staff tells me that Ron Covell and his team up the coast in Freedom, California, have been great to work with.

After watching I wanted to go straight to the shop and start burning some rod — Thanks Ron — we look forward to working with you!


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    Thanks for the heads up on these metaworking series of DVD’s — I bought the whole package and they are full of very good tips and techniques. If you are a metal fabricator you will enjoy them!



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