TIG Torch Hook Up Question

Ron in Lindenhurst, New York asks:

I have an HTP invertig 201 and a Bernard 3500ss water cooler. I’m interested in ordering an SF-225-25 Water Cooled PRO torch package. It says it does not include power cable adapter. Which one do I need?

My tig has a dinse non-gas through connector. My air cooled torch has a dinse connector and a separate gas hose.

Thanks for your help, I’m a newbie to tig and all these parts are a little confusing

We get asked all the time about how to connect a TIG torch to a particular power supply. There are a lot of connectors, many you’ll find in the webstore. Often our customer doesn’t know which kind of connector he or she needs (we have a handy reference chart, so give us a call if you don’t know what you need). In this case, Ron knows he needs a dinse connector, and he knows its a water cooled TIG Torch. Which would bring him to the Water Cooled TIG Connectors, but even then, there are a lot of choices.

Q5WRon will need a Weldcraft Q5W which is the large water-cooled DINSE connector.

QRWWe also recommended that he go quick release all the way, and get two of the QRW water connectors and one of the QRG gas connectors.

Posted By Joe Welder

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