Weldcraft® Adds Accessories for Triad Tungsten Sharpener

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Weldcraft® Triad Tungsten GrinderWe got one of the New Weldcraft® Triad™ tungsten sharpeners when they first came out and looked it over to determine if we wanted to add it to our line of tungsten grinders. It’s a nice machine well engineered and produces a true precision ground tungsten electrode ideal for orbital and other demanding TIG/GTAW applications. The pricing is restrictive for the hobbyist, but if you have some coin to spend on fine electrode grinding tools — this is one!

Weldcraft Triad Grinder Double Decker KitWeldcraft® has added a new double decker kit to the options available for the grinder — and it’s a well made precision machined set-up. Check it out (at the left) and read the press release from Weldcraft here…

And by the way if you want to try any of our tungsten electrode grinders — we offer a 7-Day trial — to make sure you get the best machine for your welding application. Restrictions apply — Purchase order or credit card at time of order!


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