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I wrote a post a few weeks ago and made some pretty pointed comments about some of the manufacturers/re-sellers in the TIG business. I immediately got a letter from an Attorney claiming that the comments were out of line and not necessary. While I understand the concern, what I was trying to say is that many companies have no ENGINEERING expertise and no Electrical or Mechanical Engineer on staff.

It’s not like back in the 1970s when you could simply tinker with a few parts and market it as better– who would know. Today it’s different. Equipment has improved greatly; machines are far more sophisticated and complex electronically.

In business you have to make many choices — As you know we chose to tie our wagon to the Weldcraft® brand of TIG torches. I have an extensive history with that company and was instrumental in establishing Weldcraft® as the undisputed world-wide leader in TIG and for a short time Plasma Arc Cutting torches. A lot has changed since I left the company: new ownership, factory relocation, management changes…. Weldcraft has gone from a business run out of one guy’s garage to being a part of ITW, a publicly traded, well-respected multi-national corporation.

That brings me to my point. What’s the Difference?

New Weldcraft WP-17We just received a shipment of the new Weldcraft WP series TIG torches and they are nice. They use a new, patented scalloped or textured ergo style torch body with improved design features. You can’t miss them, they are Red!

Another huge differentiator is the collateral material included with each New Weldcraft TIG Torch. The information is very well laid out and includes great technical information, hook-up instructions, welding techniques, welding symbols, duty-cycle ratings, grounding information, amperage ratings for different tungsten sizes and more. This kind of information comes from having a full bank of engineers on staff, and sharing technical information with sister companies like Miller Electric.

When you compare what you get from other companies it is clear that Weldcraft® is on solid ground and back on their way to being the TIG Welders Choice™


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