TIG Welding on Jeopardy

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I’m a big fan of Jeopardy and even have the show set to record on my DVR. I watch it virtually every night– so much so that my five-year-old daughter does a special dance during the music portion on Final Jeopardy.

Last week for the 2008 Teen Tournament Champion show, Alex Trebek asked about TIG welding, specifically what the ‘T’ stands for. One contestant answered “titanium” which is incorrect. It’s actually a pretty good guess, since the symbol for Titanium is Ti, but as you probably know (and I”m sure that contestant will never forget!) the answer should have been Tungsten, for Tungsten Inert Gas.

So if you’re planning a stint on Jeopardy, you may want to check out our glossary of welding terms— you never know!


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