TIG Welding in a Tight Spot

I got a call from Brad in North Carolina who was in a jam and needed a torch body right away. “I’ve been waiting for it for two weeks from our local supplier and now the job is way behind schedule,” he said.

Weldcraft WP-18 TIG TorchA lot of local suppliers carry only the basics and not a full range of TIG torches. After all, they make most of their money selling gas.

Sometimes a fabricator needs something special like a Weldcraft® WP-18SP— a water-cooled TIG torch with a 180 degree head to reach a tight spot, the torch Brad was looking for.

“Depending on your budget you may just want to purchase a torch body,” I said. I recommended he just buy the torch body and add it to his existing Weldcraft® WP-18-25-R.

“You can do that?” he asked.

I told him that connecting a torch to a cable set is fairly easy and very cost effective.

WP-20 TIG TorchAnother option, if you have a WP-20-25-R TIG torch (the most popular TIG torch on the planet) and you have a restricted space application, you could buy the 180 Amp water cooled front loading torch (WP-24W) which will connect right up to your WP-20 cable set.

Most fabricators prefer to have at least three TIG torches in their quiver: a primary TIG torch, at least one specialty torch like a micro-TIG torch (WP-125) for restricted space applications, and one general purpose torch like a WP-9 as a back-up.

It’s important to have the right tool for the job at hand and why wait around when you can get what you need now from Our business is based on providing the tools so metal fabricators can get on with the business of welding. We stock a wide variety of Weldcraft® TIG Torches and TIG Torch accessories, including specialty TIG torches like the air cooled WP-50 micro-TIG or the low profile water-cooled WP-24W.


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