Tungsten Electrode Stick Out gauge for TIG Wedling.

We get asked all the time “what is the proper stick-out for the tungsten electrode on a TIG / GTAW / HeliArc torch?”

That’s a tough question because there are many variables based on the type of front-end parts being used on the torch — and — the welding application. As we all know high-quality, consistently good looking and strong TIG welds are a combination of art and science.

Tungsten Stick Out ToolWith this new tungsten electrode stick-out tool you can reduce some of the variables by accurately measuring the tungsten stick-out by 1/16″ (1.6mm) increments up to 1″ (25.4mm).

It’s constructed of CNC machined brass with knurled locking sleeve and includes a key ring holder with nylon strap and spring type aluminum hook loop… and is available online at Arc-Zone.com!


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    Donald Branscom

    You should make it clear on your page about TIG welding electrodes that pure tungsten (green code) WILL work better in a TRANSFORMER welding machine like the Miller and Lincoln 250 syncrowaves. The way your page explains it it is still not clear.

    EVEN on the Sylvania tungsten BOX it explains that the pure tungsten is for Aluminum/AC, and the box was designed before inverter welding machines came on the scene.

    Many young welders only know about inverter welding machines and have had no formal training. They sometimes think that because the inverter works better on AC with aluminum and a 2% tungsten that it will work better in all welding machines. Not so.


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