Welding Show 2007

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Arc-Zone’s own Joe Welder, aka Jim Watson, is on his way to Chicago for the Fabtech/AWS (American Welding Society) Trade Show.

Jim didn’t have much time before he left to write about the show, but he did shoot me an email and asked me to post it:

For the longest time the AWS (American Welding Society) staged their own stand alone welding trade show in April of each year and it rotated primarily around the cities in the midwest.

With the continued acquisition of many small specialty manufacturers, the show’s attendance diminished and lost its luster. Recently the AWS and Fabtech shows merged to combine one big metal working extravaganza!

If your like me and love to see all the good stuff this is the palce to be!
Plan on it this weekend in Chicago!

See you there!

There’s an impressive list of exhibitors at the show, and some great welding seminars and other programs, including the 2007 PROFESSIONAL WELDERS COMPETITION where you could win $2,500.

Expect a full report and maybe even some information and pics of some great innovative products from Jim when he gets back.


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