Cal State San Marcos and

Default Featured Image was fortunate to be selected by the Cal State San Marcos Business School to work with two teams of their best and brightest graduating seniors on two vital areas of our business –

Marketing: What our customers think of our service to date, and where the growth opportunities are, and

Operations: Internal processes and procedures

Jim Hamerly, the professor overseeing the marketing project, came into the Zone first for a visit – He is awesome – his educational background includes extensive study in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science– BS from MIT, MS from UC Berkeley and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon! His impressive in-the-field training includes stints at Xerox, Netscape, AOL to name a few.

Our student team is an impressive group as well, bright and professional. They enthusiastically jumped in and began an analysis of our current customer base, and a survey! So don’t be surprised if you get a call.

Our Operations Team is headed up by Professor Gary Oddou. His education includes a BA in French, an MA in English as a Second Language and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Brigham Young University. He also has an impressive academic background, which includes a long list of publications and honors.

The student team, another group of eager professionals, has been in our office interviewing us and culling through our in-house how-to manuals with the goal of helping us formalize our procedures.

We’re very excited about working with these groups. Continuous improvement is important to the culture at Arc-Zone.


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