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Several visitors to this site have told me they’re not sure how to comment… so I put together a primer on comments, and on blogs in general.

Commenting is pretty simple (of course everything easy once you know how to do it!)

FIRST… select the post that you want to comment on and scroll down to the end of it. There you will see a link in RED that says “Leave a Comment” Click it.

NEXT… you’ll then see a form at the bottom of the post and you’ll need to enter your Name, Email (we won’t publish that but we may use it to answer you directly) and Website (if you have one) then write a relevant question or really meaningful comment. Remember, this is a public forum and others will see your comment. You can always email us directly using the “Contact Joe Welder” link on the right, or sending an email to editor [at] joewelder dot com. (replace the [at] with the @ sign, and the “dot” with an actual dot, and remove all the spaces)

FINALLY… Click on the Submit Comment button. At this point, your comment goes into the cue to be moderated. We cull through all comments by hand. We do allow comments that offer a different point of view. We ask, however, that you are respectful, refrain from profanity, derogatory remarks, threats or off-topic comments. Other than that, we’d appreciate your comments, suggestions, opinions, ideas….

And if you want to learn more about blogs, check out the article, What the Blog : Blog Basics.


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