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Miller introduced some new helmets the other day:

APPLETON, Wis., May 16, 2007—Miller Electric Mfg. Co. recently introduced two new designs — Motorsports™ and Fire Storm™ to its new Performance Series™ line of auto-darkening welding helmets.

“The Motorsports helmet captures the essence of speed,”explained Miller product manager Tom Sommers. “NASCAR, boat racing, motocross, you name it—if it involves an engine and going fast, that’s what we had in mind when designing this helmet.”


firestorm.jpgNow more than ever you can choose from a variety of highly-engineered cool looking, comfortable and affordable welding helmets. With a wide selection of graphics and styles every fabricator can find the helmet that’s just his or her style — of course I prefer the Classic Black — it never goes out of style, and you can add your favorite product stickers or custom graphics for that personal look.

Arc-Zone.com’s Classic Black Welding helmet, made my Jackson, the NexGen HSL100 EQC features improved autodarkening technology, and a classic look that can be customized with your own decals, or the hot Arc-Zone.com Decal set that includes the dual flame logos (left and right side).


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