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One of our favorite radio programs on NPR is Marketplace. We usually catch it on the ride home… If you haven’t listened to it before, one of the best segments is called Conversations from the Corner Office:

Marketplace goes one-on-one with CEOs and corporate leaders

CEOs, company founders, head honchos. . . . Whatever you call them, the men and women who hang out in the corner office are just like the rest of us in some ways. But in other ways, they’re very different. After all, you don’t create a successful business or make it to the top of a major company unless you have extraordinary drive, energy, ambition and passion. Not to mention intelligence and strong opinions

Some of the featured CEOs include Joseph Gallo (Gallo Winery), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), John Mackey (Whole Foods) and Bill Marriott (Marriott Intl) …and more… and cover topics range from growing as an entrepreneur to managing a family run business and staying competitive through challenging times.

And the best part is you can listen to Conversations from the Corner Office online…


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