Thermacut Introduces Patented Tungsten Nozzle for HPR® Systems

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tungsten nozzles.jpgIf you’re using HPR® plasma cutting system models 130Amp, 200Amp and 260Amp you may benefit from this new innovation in Plasma Arc Cutting tips from Thermacut.

Traditionally Plasma cutting tips are precision machined from tellurium copper – great for electrical conductivity and heat transfer, but, not so durable when exposed to the plasma jet — that’s why they call them consumables!

Now Thermacut, Inc. has launched a new TungstenEX-® nozzle as a direct replacement for HPR® plasma cutting systems in 130Amp, 200Amp and 260Amp operations. These patented “nozzles,” “constricting tips” or “cutting tips” incorporate a tungsten insert within the nozzle orifice to better handle extreme heat generated by the Plasma jet.

Tungsten is extremely hard and durable and has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals. Additional benefits may be achieved when used with the New SilverEX-® pure-silver high-performance electrodes– consumable life is extended up to four times longer compared to standard copper nozzles and electrodes.

Thermacut, Inc. based in Claremont, NH is a worldwide provider of advanced cutting and welding consumables, accessories and torches.

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