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This blog offers a fresh and brutally honest perspective on welding industry news, reviews of innovative companies and products, and profiles of those who are making an impact in the metal fabrication industry.

What we hope you’ll find: tips, tidbits, perspectives you won’t find elsewhere, as well as insights, original interviews and more that should be of interest to the metal fabrication market worldwide. We promise to keep the content fresh, and interesting.

This Blog is primarily written by Jim Watson (aka Joe Welder), a master fabricator, welding equipment designer, industry professional, online distributor, and owner of, Inc.

Contact us with your suggestions, comments, corrections, errors, praise or flames. We will be editing comments for SPAM, and inappropriate content (you know what that means!)

Posted By Joe Welder

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    Jerry Hudson

    Is this the same Jim Watson that built and owned the #29 sprint car driven by Mike Sweeney in 1980 or 81? I remember lettering that car and putting
    “Farmer Ben” on the hood.


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